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When complete, Drawings are returned in seconds by email to anywhere in the  USA printed by your local Office supply Store on 28" -30" stock
scaled at 1/4" per real life Foot

What to Expect


How we proceed with a remodeling / renovation project is outlined here for your review
At first phone contact, discuss basic project feasibility .
The purpose of this meeting will be to:

Discuss and examine your project.  If you have an Architect a footprint of the existing walls will be very helpful.

Determine in broad based terms if the project is possible with regard to your budget.

Establish in what price range the equipment cost is likely to be. (These figures do not represent an estimate / bid or proposal to supply equipment  they are intended to establish a target design budget only.)

If the project is feasible with regard to budget and existing conditions, we will prepare and present the Design Phase only contract and after acceptance we will:

Provide solutions to the major design problems or issues.

Produce preliminary design drawings consisting of; existing conditions, floor plans of remodeled and / or new space.

Develop project layout and design including up to 3 revisions.

At the completion of the Design Phase agreement, you will have:

Completed design and layout drawings to submit to the Health dept. for preliminary approval to proceed at this time we will also supply the required.

Final Detailed Project Specification book of buy out equipment
Detailed shop drawing for custom equipment
Health department Plans and specifications submittals
Final Point of connection Electrical drawing.
Final Point of connection Plumbing drawing.
will be applied to the total cost of construction.

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